Woodlot management

For Chabot, Pomerleau & associés, the development of a woodlot or forest management goes far beyond the simple production of woody material.

Our team of professionals (forest engineer, biologist, (geomatic and environmental engineering)), is able to provide the appropriate care for your woodlot. In addition, you could benefit subsidies and municipal and school tax rebate.

Our conception of woodlot management is simple. It must be a part of a sustainable forest management. This notion includes an optimal wood harvest in the form of forest gardening, but also the protection of sensitive element such a wetland, landscape, stream, vulnerable and rare species, etc.

We offer the following services;

  • Forest inventory;
  • Forest and wildlife management plan;
  • Forest treatment prescription;
  • FSC forest certification;
  • Sylvicultural prescription;
  • Turnkey project (tree planting, drainage, selective cutting, forest road, etc.);
  • Annual allowable cut calculation;
  • Market woodlot appraisal;
  • Damage value appraisal;
  • Subsidies;
  • Municipal and school tax rebate;